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Voto Latino $500,000 Competition Open to Millennials


New Media’s Role in Participatory Politics

Joseph Kahne
April 13, 2014

Social network sites, websites and text increasingly serve as a conduit for political information and a major public arena where citizens express and exchange their political ideas, raise funds and...


Making Sense of Games, Gaming Culture Knowledge

Julian Sefton-Green
April 9, 2014

I am carrying out a piece of work, exploring how young people imagine, develop interests in, and work toward becoming employed in a range of digital creative industries. I am interviewing a number of...


Engaging Youth: 7 'Epic' Tips

Sangita Shresthova
April 6, 2014

“The irony is the more personal your story is, the more universal it is. And, the more you keep that nuance that makes your story personal, the more it will spread,” Nirvan Mullick, the founder of...


Brazil Internet ‘Bill of Rights’ Protects Web Users

Raquel Recuero
April 2, 2014

Leading the way toward protecting individual rights and freedom of expression on the Internet, the Brazilian Chamber of Deputies has approved a Bill of Rights, “Marco Civil.”
The landmark legislation...

media releases

(IRVINE, CA) — Connected learning, a way to approach education in the 21st century that takes advantage of today's abunda