Cultural Anthropologist Mimi Ito on Connected Learning, Children, and Digital Media
Mimi Ito is a cultural anthropologist and expert in the field of digital media and learning. In September 2010, she was appointed as the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation Chair in Digital Media and Learning at UC Irvine.

Education Professor Joseph Kahne on the Impact of Digital Media on Political Participation
Joseph Kahne is the Chair & Co-Principal Investigator of the Youth and Participatory Politics Research Network. To learn more about this Research Network, visit

Games and Education Scholar James Paul Gee on Video Games, Learning, and Literacy
James Paul Gee is an expert on how video games fit within an overall theory of learning and literacy. He is the Mary Lou Fulton Presidential Professor of Literacy Studies, Division of Curriculum and Instruction, at the Mary Lou Fulton College of Education at Arizona State University.

S. Craig Watkins on “Designing Learning Futures”
S. Craig Watkins teaches at the University of Texas, Austin, in the departments of Radio-Television-Film, Sociology, and the Center for African and African American Studies and serves as Principal Investigator of the Connected Learning Research Network’s “Digital Edge” project.

ESSENCE: This film introduces the story of connected learning, the outcome of a six-year research effort supported by the MacArthur Foundation into how learning, education, and schooling could be reimagined for a networked world.

ENGAGED: This film asks: ‘What might be the consequence of reframing education around the experience of the student?’ ‘How might our imagination bring the experience of education to life?’

MENTOR: This film examines the true impact of mentorship and its ability to validate others in an era when all of us can connect and play a part in the life and education of one another.

PLAY: This film examines a fundamental human experience and key component of connected learning, ‘play,’ and explores whether it has been underestimated and whether, as a state of being, it holds answers for the reimagining of education.

EVERYONE: This film examines the overflowing abundance of knowledge, expertise, and social connectivity in the networked age and the power of bringing people together who want to learn together through the internet and social media.

CREATIVE: This film examines how creativity, shunned in the industrial age approach to schooling, is essential to learners in a networked society and a critical element of connected learning.