Mobile Phones, Digital Media, and America’s Learning Divide

S. Craig Watkins
May 29, 2011

During a recent research related visit to New York City I decided to take a stroll down 125th Street in Harlem.  Among the assortment of shops and vendors on the famous stretch that is home to…


How does Digital Media impact Youth Political and Civic Engagement?

May 25, 2011

There’s a lot of conversation about young people’s use of digital media and how it impacts their engagement — or lack of engagement — in civic affairs and politics, but not a great deal of…


P2PU: Learning for Everyone, by Everyone, about almost Anything

May 22, 2011

Meet Philipp Schmidt, co-founder and executive director of Peer to Peer University, an emerging, Web-based global learning community. At P2PU, study groups form and gather online to learn a…


Going Interactive in a Big Way: How Can We Transform the Lecture Class?

Cathy Davidson
May 15, 2011

This is the last in a three-part “end of term” series of blog posts on “Doing Better by Gen Y.”  In the first post, one of my students spoke about the paucity of opportunities to actually think…


How to Make a Million Dollars, One Facebook Class at a Time

John Jones
May 9, 2011

The fall of 2007 was, in many ways, a simpler time: the most popular social network in the United States was an Los Angeles-based outfit called Myspace; Apple had just released an all-in-one…


Hype, Reality, Insights on Cyberbullying, Videogaming, and Learning Institutions

Barry Joseph
May 4, 2011

At the top of the not-to-be-missed list is “Good and Bad Cyberbullying PSAs: How to Tell the Difference,” an exceptional blog post by childhood expert Rosalind Wiseman, who insightfully frames the…


Should We Design Social Justice into Learning?

Lyndsay Grant
May 1, 2011

The notion of design is central to the way we think about learning, and to how we think about digital media. Some would argue that learning is “designed in” to digital media such as good video games…


Pop-Up University

Apr 27, 2011

If Rheingold U, my current experiment in cultivating wholly online, multimedia, unaccredited, for-not-much-pay learning communities, originally germinated out of fun and impulse, the next stage was…


What Should Civic Learning Look Like in an Age of Social and Technological Change?

S. Craig Watkins
Apr 24, 2011

Retired Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor and her iCivics team recently convened a thought provoking conference, Educating for Democracy in the Digital Age. In partnership with the Aspen…


What Are Digital Literacies? Let’s Ask the Students

Cathy Davidson
Apr 20, 2011

Two weeks ago I blogged on DML Central on “Doing Better by Generation Y” and the tendency for pundits to criticize Gen Y’s absorption with new media, critique how little they know, blame their lack…


Getting Serious About Reimagining Learning in the Digital Age

Antero Garcia
Apr 17, 2011

I want to have a conversation about what it’s going to take to turn schools around and why digital media — as it’s currently being used — isn’t yet helping. I’m going to start with a not-so-subtle…


When Robots Write

John Jones
Apr 13, 2011

Robots are always in the news, it seems. Whether they are serving as caregivers for the elderly or helping solve the Japanese nuclear crisis, robots are becoming an increasingly important part of…


“We are Meant to Pulse”

Barry Joseph
Apr 11, 2011

Topping the new recommended resources list from Global Kids is “Gaming to Re-engage Boys in Learning,” a provocative video looking at the discrepancies in performance and achievement between boys…


How Can We Help Miguel?

danah boyd
Apr 7, 2011

One of the hardest parts of doing fieldwork is hearing difficult, nuanced stories that break my heart.  The more complicated the story, the harder it is to tell, but I feel a responsibility to…


Doing Better By Generation Y

Cathy Davidson
Apr 3, 2011

When Lauren Sanders concentrates on her childhood memories, she can recall “the fuzzy sounds of dial-up Internet and the generic female voice cheerfully state, ‘You’ve Got Mail.’” Born in 1990,…


School, Work and Play: Decoding Digital Age Shifts

Ben Williamson
Mar 31, 2011

Learning with digital media is often articulated through an affective vocabulary of play, informality, enjoyment, and creativity, as opposed to the formality, standards and routines of conventional…


The Test of Time in School-based Mentoring: The Role of Relationship Duration and Re-Matching on Academic Outcomes

March 31, 2011

Source: American Journal of Community Psychology (2012) 49:43–54 Abstract: The influence of match length and re-matchingon the effectiveness of school-based mentoring was studied in the context of a national, randomized study of 1,139youth in Big Brothers Big Sisters programs. The sample included youth in grades four through nine from diverseracial


Einstein, YouTube, and New Media Literacies in the Connected Age

Mar 27, 2011

When I started using digital media in my classroom, I began my search for mentors by inspecting Will Richardson’s social bookmarking networks on Diigo, then followed on Twitter some of the people…

media release

Educating for Democracy in a Digital Age

March 26, 2011

Washington, DC, March 22, 2011 –– The Aspen Institute, in partnership with iCivics, the MacArthur Foundation, and Georgetown Law will host a major conference on civics education and engagement, “Educating for Democracy in a Digital Age.” Retired US Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor and US Secretary of Education Arne