In The News

New Media and Its Superpowers: Learning, Post-Pokémon

SOURCE: National Association of Independent Schools

DATE: Feb 25, 2010

“Engineering Play: A Cultural History of Children’s Software” by Mizuko Ito

SOURCE: WICN Public Radio - "Inquiry"

DATE: Feb 7, 2010

Imagine a New Generation of Game Experiences for Children

SOURCE: The Huffington Post

DATE: Feb 7, 2010

The Children of Cyberspace: Old Fogies by Their 20s

SOURCE: New York Times

DATE: Jan 8, 2010

The Apparatgeist Calls

SOURCE: The Economist

DATE: Dec 29, 2009

When Land Lines Go Away


DATE: Dec 21, 2009

Duke Network Joins White House Campaign

SOURCE: The Herald-Sun

DATE: Dec 8, 2009

Transmedia: A Brave New World in Entertainment Marketing

SOURCE: Los Angeles Times

DATE: Nov 22, 2009

MacArthur Announces STEM Digital Learning Contest


DATE: Nov 22, 2009