CLA’s Hosts Free Hacker, App Maker, Dancing GIF Parties

Want to build an app, make a meme, hack the web or turn GIFs into music videos? Learn how through free “Maker Parties” on

Pursuitery is part of the Connected Learning Alliance, a network that brings together organizations, projects, initiatives and individuals working to leverage today’s technology for more equitable access to learning and opportunity for all young people. It is presenting the virtual online “parties” with Mozilla.

Mozilla is throwing a global Maker Party as a celebration of the web during a time when digital literacy is as important as reading, writing and math, said Mark Surman, Mozilla Foundation’s executive director. He describes the Maker Party as “full-scale digital literacy,” where you learn to build things with code, design and pick up videography and photography skills.

Rather than wait for schools to catch up, said Chris Lawrence, senior director of Mozilla’s Webmaker Mentor Community, “we’re empowering everybody to produce the web, and know that the web is not television. It’s content and experiences that anybody can author and contribute to.”

The web is a platform that, he said, “is how people connect, learn and share their creativity.”

Lawrence said the Maker Party events are designed for people interested in learning web-making skills through fun, hands-on activities and to encourage educators to incorporate lessons in their school curriculum.

Each party involves a set of challenges and includes “geekouts,” online sessions when experts address the party theme. Pursuitery is hosting three Maker Party events:

Build an App with AppMaker
Challenge runs through Aug. 4
Geekout: July 28, 9 a.m., PT/Noon, ET
Appmaker is Mozilla’s new Webmaker tool that allows users to create and remix mobile apps.

Make a Meme and Hack the Web with X-Ray Goggles
Challenge runs Aug. 4-11
Geekout: Aug. 4, 9 a.m., PT/Noon, ET
In this activity, participants will use X-Ray Goggles to “look under the hood” of websites and see the role of HTML code in creating them. Participants will learn how changing the code on their favorite websites changes the appearance of the site, and how to make their own website and Internet memes using Thimble, Mozilla’s educational code editor.

Turn GIFs into Music Videos
Challenge runs Aug. 11-18
Geekout: Aug. 11, 9 a.m., PT/Noon, ET
Participants will learn how to turn their favorite GIFs into remixable music videos.

To access the geekouts, go to

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