Barry Joseph

Associate Director For Digital Learning at the American Museum of Natural History

Area of Expertise:

Youth culture, games & learning; alternative evaluation and credentialing; museums in the digital age

Barry is the Associate Director For Digital Learning at the American Museum of Natural History. He holds a BA from Northwestern University and an MA in American Studies from New York University. He has developed innovative programs in the areas of youth-led online dialogues, video games as a form of youth media, the application of social networks for social good, the educational potential of virtual worlds like Second Life, the educational  application of mobile phones and alternative assessment models. He is devoted to combining youth development practices with the development of high profile digital media projects that advance 21st Century Skills and New Media Literacies within a museum context. Barry speaks frequently around the country at conferences and leads professional development trainings for a wide variety of educational, civic and cultural institutions. His projects and views have appeared in The New York Times, CNN, Marie Claire, BusinessWeek, The Voice of America, and through press in Russia and Japan. He served on the initial steering committee of the MacArthur Foundation’s Digital Media and Learning initiative and his writing appears in the Foundation’s Ecology of Games volume. Barry has also successfully launched two non-profits – Games For Change and a second entity working for a peaceful resolution to the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. Barry maintains a blog on DML in Museums called MooshMe –