Jabari Mahiri

Summer 2013 Mentor

Dr. Mahiri received UC Berkeley’s inaugural Chancellor’s Award for Advancing Institutional Excellence, the Chancellor’s Community Service Award, and the American Educational Research Association’s Outstanding Mentorship Award. He is author of Digital Tools in Urban Schools (2011); ut of Bounds: When Scholarship Athletes become Academic Scholars (2010); and, Shooting for Excellence: African American and Youth Culture in New Century Schools (1998). He is editor of What They Don’t Learn in School (2004), and Urban Teachers Researching Their First Year of Practice (Forthcoming, 2014). He is also completing Virtual Literacies of Global Youth and has published a children’s book, The Day They Stole the Letter J. Before coming to Berkeley, he helped found and chaired the inaugural board of New Concept School in Chicago that has been in existence more than 30 years. He also was a credentialed English teacher in Chicago Public Schools for seven years.