Lindy L. Johnson

Summer 2013 Fellow

Lindy Johnson is a doctoral student in the Department of Language & Literacy Education at The University of Georgia. Before pursuing her doctorate, she taught high school English in Boston Public Schools.  Lindy’s research focuses on helping educators integrate new media literacies into their teaching.  Specifically, she draws on methods from ethnography, sociolinguistics, and discourse analysis to study how digital storytelling and multimodal literacies can encourage adolescents toward civic engagement and other activist projects.  With funding from the Teacher Quality Grants Program, she is undertaking dissertation research on participatory professional development with middle and high school teachers as they infuse digital and media literacies into their writing instruction.  Currently, she serves as Principal Editor of the Journal of Language & Literacy Education (JoLLE) , an online, peer-reviewed, open-access journal (, and served as Co-Chair of the 2013 JoLLE Inaugural Conference: Activist Literacies.  Lindy has published her research in English Teaching: Practice and Critique, and has chapters forthcoming in Exploring Multimodal Composition and Digital Writing, and Critical and New Literacies: Teaching toward Democracy with/in/through Post-modern and Popular Culture Texts.