Connecting Youth: Digital Learning Research Project

Principal Investigator: Richard Arum

The Connecting Youth: Digital Learning Research Project is a multi-method study of youth, educators and organizations that are participating in a unique set of educational innovations developed by the Institute of Play, the Hive network and collaborative partners in Chicago and New York City. Implementing organizations in this study work with cultural institutions to provide innovative after-school and summer programs, YouMedia drop-in sites, and two Quest schools – Quest to Learn and Chicago Quest – that use game design and digital learning to attempt to enhance young people‚Äôs interests, community awareness, and shape their educational outcomes. The project’s research focuses on a set of interrelated questions about youth, educators and the program and school sites under investigation. The purpose of this research has been to document activities and outcomes associated with these programs, use the findings to provide ongoing feedback to these implementing organizations for formative program improvement, as well as publish scholarship to improve academic and public understanding of the potential role of digital media in supporting youth development and educational outcomes.