Working Papers

Curriculum Development and Youth Media

Ben Williamson with John Morgan and Sarah Payton

Date: Sep 30, 2011

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This report, Curriculum Development and Youth Media, argues that curriculum development and youth media need to be seen as parts of a wider social, cultural, political and economic picture. The importance of recognizing youth media within curriculum development strategies is now stated and advocated within educational policy and research, and there are compelling examples of school practices emerging. what are the features of the wider picture within which these developments are taking place? how are features of the wider picture refracted through the minor details? It is the wider picture we attend to mainly. Lots of research has documented how young people are learning with media both inside and outside school. we reference this body of work, but focus primarily on youth media and learning in its complex social contexts. There is also lots of research on specific curricular changes. Again, we reference some of this work but our main interest is to situate curriculum development in its specific contexts and theories. curriculum development and youth media are shown to be areas for educational research that, because they are increasingly being aligned together, need to be studied and understood within the wider picture, at the macro-level, as well as at the meso-level of school organization and classroom practices, and at the micro-level of learning processes.