New Media in International Contexts Working Group

Principal Investigator:
Heather A. Horst

The New Media in International Contexts Working Group examined the intersection of youth, new media and learning in a range of countries outside of North America and Western Europe with the aim of understanding the contemporary landscape of digital media and learning outside of the contexts that have dominated the Digital Media and Learning Field. After an initial review of the documented research in a variety of disciplines, we focused upon six country case studies: Brazil (Heather Horst), China (Cara Wallis), Ghana (Araba Sey), India (Anke Schwittay), Korea (HyeRyoung Ok) and Japan (Mizuko Ito and Daisuke Okabe) that were led by individual researchers or research teams. The six countries exemplify leading edge practices, technological infrastructures and policy orientations surrounding internet and mobile phone use, gaming and digital media production. Preliminary findings were published as a special blog series entitled “New Media Practices in International Contexts” on the Futures of Learning website between January and May 2009 and was recently published as a special section of the International Journal of Communication.

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