The Test of Time in School-based Mentoring: The Role of Relationship Duration and Re-Matching on Academic Outcomes

Date: Mar 31, 2011

By: Jean Grossman, Christian Chan, Sarah Schwartz, and Jean E. Rhodes

Digital Media and Technology in Afterschool Programs, Libraries, and Museums

Date: Feb 28, 2011

By: Becky Herr-Stephenson, Diana Rhoten, Dan Perkel, and Christo Sims

The Civic and Political Significance of Online Participatory Cultures among Youth Transitioning to Adulthood

Date: Jan 31, 2011

By: Joseph Kahne, Namjin Lee, and Jessica Timpany Feezell

Quest to Learn

Date: Dec 31, 2010

By: Katie Salen, Robert Torres, Loretta Wolozin, Rebecca Rufo-Tepper, and Arana Shapiro

No Selling the Genie Lamp: a game literacy practice in The Sims

Date: Oct 31, 2010

By: James Paul Gee and Elisabeth R. Hayes

Kids and Credibility

Date: Jul 31, 2010

By: Andrew J. Flanagin and Miriam J. Metzger

Peer Participation and Software

Date: Jun 30, 2010

By: David R. Booth

Working Towards a Deeper Understanding of Digital Safety for Children and Young People in Developing Nations

Date: May 31, 2010

By: Urs Gasser, Colin M. Maclay, and James G. Palfrey Jr.